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  达标(LEVEL WORK)与逸岸(INFACT)合并,成立了达岸(ELEVATE)。

  ELEVATE was formed in April 2013 with the merger of Level Works and INFACT Global Partners. Level Works was a leader in developing and implementing customized global monitoring programs that drive transparency and continuous improvement. INFACT had established itself in China as the leading factory capacity building advisory services firm. The decision to merge was due to the market’s increasing interest in changing the reactive social compliance paradigm to a more real time proactive and predictive performance framework.

  Together we touch thousands of factories and tens of thousands of workers across 25 countries. ELEVATE works with 20% of the Fortune 100 and has conducted audits for nearly 4,000 factories, capacity building engagements for over 300 factories and training for 10,000 CSR professionals.

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